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Frequently Asked Questions

Medi-Cal Explained In 3 Minutes!

Is your loved one soon to be, or already, in a nursing home? Are you worried about how to pay the $7,000 a month nursing home bill? How long would the money last before going broke?

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  • Nursing Home Care From Your Home
    1. Can be married or single.
    2. Based on medical needs.
    3. Friends/family can provide some of the care.
    4. NOT a good program where spouse/family cannot assist in caring for the patient.
    5. The benefits can pay up to $4,000.00 a month.
    6. This program is administered through Medi-Cal.

    If the individual does not qualify for this program based on medical needs now, there may be other programs that may work better for them. Families need to be informed ahead of time on all of the programs that they may be able to qualify for and how these programs work.

    Life happens and unfortunately, many that are in the middle of the crisis do not have any idea where to begin to sort things out. We find that there are many families that do not have the basic legal documents in place. We have many attorneys, CPA’s and other financial professionals throughout the state that are here to help you and your loved ones with any of your various needs.

  • Medi-Cal Myths vs. Truths

    Most Seniors and their families are hearing the MYTHS & NOT THE FACTS about their Long-Term Care Entitlement options as the following questions highlight!

    Please share this Invitation with your family, friends and/or clients that may be able to benefit.

    If your group or organization would like a guest speaker or in-service on this topic please contact us.

    1. “I’ll never go into a nursing home, my spouse and/or children will take care of me.” MYTH OR FACT?
    2. Long-Term Care Insurance is needed to avoid “Spend-Down” to a Nursing Home? MYTH OR FACT?
    3. I must sell off all properties, close out all Savings, CD’s, Stocks & Bonds, Retirement Accounts (IRA’s, 401k's... etc.) and “Spend-Down” all of these before I can qualify for Government assistance such as Medi-Cal. MYTH OR FACT?
    4. I CAN give away assets in order to “get under the limit” in order to qualify for Medi-Cal and I will NOT have to wait three years. MYTH OR FACT?
    5. Medi-Cal is only for the “poor”, it’s “Welfare”. MYTH OR FACT?
    6. If I get on Medi-Cal the State will put a “Lien” on my home, my children will have to pay back the money spent on my care. MYTH OR FACT?
    7. I have a “Living Trust”, my assets are protected. MYTH OR FACT?
    8. If I or a loved one are currently “Privately Paying” for care in a Nursing Home, there’s nothing we can do to change this. MYTH OR FACT?
    9. I will get better care if I “Privately Pay” or use Long-Term Care Insurance rather than Medi-Cal. MYTH OR FACT?
    10. I can get my financial affairs in order, apply and qualify for the LTC Medi-Cal program for FREE. MYTH OR FACT?

    Get all the answers: attend one of our upcoming presentations.

  • Is This Planning Legal?
  • Is This The Moral Thing To Do?

    If your family member (over age 65) had cancer, heart disease or any other illness which required hospitalization and/or other expensive charges all of the bills would be paid by Medi-Care. It is morally right for the government to pay the bills because you have rights to these entitlement programs with your earned tax dollars for most of your life.

  • I Am Still Financially Able To Pay For A Nursing Home, Should I Apply For Medi-Cal Now?

    85% of nursing home residents are on Medi-Cal. However, only a few of them started out that way. There are laws that allow you to hold on to your savings and not go broke. People choose to utilize this option and learn about it.

  • Will The Level Of Care Go Down By Switching To Medi-Cal Payment?

    No. There are strict laws that prohibit treating patients differently based on their method of payment.

  • Will Our Share Of Cost Increase If A Higher Level Of Care Is Needed Or If The Nursing Home Raises Rates?

    No. Once you qualify for Medi-Cal benefits, your share of cost does not increase when the nursing home raises their rates.

  • Will Medi-Cal Make Us Repay Them For Benefits Provided?

    Not if you take proper legal steps to prevent Medi-Cal recovery.