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To position ourselves in order to completely review, analyze and direct a client’s estate from every area. This can only be accomplished through considerable interaction and dialogue between each of the advisors in the four areas. As a result, we are better equipped to guide our clients to the right decisions, not just good decisions.


Client receives a complete analysis of their entire estate in regards to how decisions, even the simplest ones, are and/or will be affected in the light of every area, not just one. Each area’s interactions and decisions are best accomplished with an eye towards inter-dependency, as opposed to independency.


Simply put, decisions made for the benefit of one area are truly only in the client’s best interest when it works well with all areas, because making a good decision is never as profitable as making the right decision.

Gregory A. Steen


Gregory A. Steen brings over two decades of leadership and experience in financial advice, asset protection strategies, and post-retirement planning. Known as the host of the “Truth4Seniors” TV and radio programs, Steen’s current duties also include facilitating financial workshops for advisors throughout the state, and writing the Truth4Seniors blog.

“Steen’s compassionate nature, soft-spoken demeanor, and conservative investment philosophy is welcomed by all those he serves…”

Before returning to private practice in the spring of 2011, he oversaw the formation and expansion of a team of professional advisors providing estate planning and consulting services to a non-profit organization in the South Valley of Central California. An inveterate communicator, Steen led Share Estate Services to an astonishing 2,000% growth rate, the drive to engage the marketplace, and defined the vision for the company.

His reputation and professional accomplishments didn’t go unnoticed, and in 1996 Steen was recruited by a Fortune 500 Corporation, where he worked out of their offices in Bakersfield, California. Shortly after accepting the position in Bakersfield, Steen was promoted which brought him and his family to Fresno. Steen’s compassionate nature, soft-spoken demeanor, and conservative investment philosophy is welcomed by all those he serves.

Greg has been married to his wife Stephanie since 1983 and together they have five children and two grandchildren. He is also an ordained Elder in his church, Liberty Christian Fellowship, is an active advocate for Veterans’ rights, and serves as an Advisor to several local non-profit ministries.

He devotes his leisure time to his family and a variety of outdoor activities including golf, camping and hiking. The family resides in the Central Valley.